Easy Read Resources

This page has links to useful information in easy read. 

What is Domestic Abuse?

An easy read guide from IDAS telling you what domestic abuse is and how you can get help What-is-domestic-abuse-easy-read.pdf (safeguardingadults.co.uk)


A Place to Call Home: Information about finding a home and living well 

A row of terraced housesYour easy read guide to finding a new home

Top tips from KeyRing self-advocates. This booklet will help you think about what you want and need if you are thinking about moving home. You should fill this in with someone who knows you well.



Energy doctor logo

Keeping safe from carbon monoxide


An easy read guide about what carbon monoxide is, spotting the signs of carbon monoxide and how to keep safe.

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire logoWarm and Well in North Yorkshire

An easy read guide to Warm and Well in North Yorkshire. Find out how they can help you keep your home warm.


Top tips for saving money on energy bills 

We have developed some useful tips on how to save money and stay warm in winter.


British moneyMoney Activity packs

Learn more about money and how to look after yours in our activity pack. 





Home Alone packHome Alone Activity pack

You can use this activity pack to learn more about what to to do if something unexpected happens when you are at home alone.




Human Rights and Keeping Safe

Human Rights ActHuman Rights Activity Packs

Self-advocates worked with Inclusion North to make these Human Rights Activity Packs. The packs are to to help people have conversations about human rights. You can look at them on your computer or tablet or you can print them out.




A group of people hold a shield that says safeguardingKeeping Safe Guides

Self-advocates worked with North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board to make some booklets about Keeping Safe. There are 3 easy read booklets: 

  • Book 1 What is Abuse
  • Book 2 Speaking up about Abuse
  • Book 3 Reporting Abuse

You can also listen to the booklets as audio guides.


Safeguarding Podcast

Listen to a podcast from self-advocates about safeguarding. In this episode self-advocates talk to Laura Watson from the Safeguarding Adults Board. Laura answers questions on abuse and how to report it.



A person being bullied by a gangHate Crime

This easy read guide from North Yorkshire Police explains what is a hate crime and how to report it.

Hate Crime Podcast

Listen to a podcast from self-advocates about hate crime and how to report it.



North Yorkshire Safe Places logoHidden disabilities podcast

Listen to a podcast from self-advocates about hidden disabilities. They talk about sunflower lanyards and Safe Places


Safe Places in North Yorkshire

Information about Safe Places in North Yorkshire and how to become a member.


Friendships and relationships

Three people taking part in a Zoom meeting

Technology top tips for keeping in touch with care home residents

These tips were developed by the Keeping in Touch Task Group. They suggest you can use technology to support people who live in care to keep in touch and have safe catch ups with family and loved ones.


Safe relationships online

KeyRing Self-advocacy support team made these cards to support people to stay safe in online friendship and relationships. 


Easy read and accessible information

A person holds a leaflet that says easy readWhy easy read information is important

Watch these videos by self-advocates about why easy read information matters.


A guide to making written information in easy read 

This guide explains how you can make good easy read information.




A person giving a computer presentation. The screen says Our GroupTop tips for presenters

Tips from self-advocates on how to make presentations more effective and easier to understand.



Good meeting guide

We have created a good meeting guide to help you when organising and holding meetings.


a picture of a surveyTop Tips for making an easy read survey

Self-advocates have put together their top tips for easy read surveys.



A collection of Words: Stop, Hello, Eat, Person, Day, OpenWord-bank 

The word-bank explains difficult words used at meetings. 





Being Healthy

Person getting their blood pressure taken by doctorHealth Activity Packs

These activity packs help you find out more about getting health care. There are activities about annual health checks, where to get care when you are unwell and taking medication. 



Person lifting weightsFitness Activity packs

These activity packs help you find out more about getting active, including exercises to try and information about accessible activities 



Person celebrating in front of lots of healthy foods

Healthy eating activity packs

These activity packs help you find out more about eating well. You can find out about lots of different things including fibre, food labels and eating your five-a-day.




Annual Health Checks

You can watch this video to find out all about annual health checks


Here are some really useful guides for self-advocates, family carers and supporters:




A person surrounded by health fruit, vegetables and fishHealthy eating

Click on the links below for some easy read activity sheets about healthy eating 




Links to lots of accessible information about Covid-19 and the vaccine.





A person with their thumbs up

Mental Health and Wellbeing Activity Pack

Easy read activity packs with ideas to help you think of ways to stay mentally well and who to talk to if you are feeling unhappy, lonely, depressed or anxious.