During the restriction of movements as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak all scheduled meetings listed on the North Yorkshire Partnership website will not be taking place or will be carried out virtually. For further information please contact the named contact for the relevant meetings or email

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Good meeting guide

We have created a good meeting guide to help you when organising and holding meetings.

Download the good meeting guide document here. It contains guidance on choosing a suitable location and building for the meeting; what the room layout should be; what equipment should be used; how to set the agenda for the meeting; how to hold the meeting itself; and more.

There are various support documents to go with the good meeting guide:

Action points
Agenda copy
Ground rules
Ideas for great chairing
Photo consent form


You can also download the good meeting guide as a single Word document which includes the support documents. This is useful if you need to email someone the good meeting guide and they need all the documents in one place.


Traffic light cards

This traffic light cards document explains what the traffic light cards are and how to use them in a meeting. You can also print them using the templates in the document.