Voluntary and community sector

The voluntary and community sector makes a vital contribution in North Yorkshire, whether this is through provision of services or by supporting community action.

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Partnership working

Good partnership working is vital, and the North Yorkshire Liaison group meets to facilitate better partnership working between the public and voluntary and community sectors. For more information about the group please visit the North Yorkshire Liaison Group page.

The North Yorkshire Compact is the agreement between voluntary and community sector organisations and public sector organisations about how we will work together.

Community First Yorkshire



North Yorkshire County Council and the NHS fund the provision of free support and advice for community and voluntary groups across the County. This is delivered by Community First Yorkshire, who offer a range of support with finding funding, governance queries, volunteer recruitment and project development. For more information, please contact Community First Yorkshire at http://communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk/ or call 01904 704177.

North Yorkshire Connect

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North Yorkshire Connect is our community directory for North Yorkshire. It offers local information from community and voluntary organisations that can provide advice and support. It also lists activities and things to do.

The community directory has information for adults, children, families, young people, parents, carers and professionals working with them.

In general, organisations listed in North Yorkshire connect are non-profit community service groups, government agencies, or clubs and organisations. 

Access North Yorkshire Connect here.

Yorkshire venues

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The Yorkshire Venues website is a place where community buildings across Yorkshire can promote themselves and connect with people looking for a venue to hire.

Yorkshire Venues is managed by Community First Yorkshire.

Currently due to technical issues the website is unavailable and Community First Yorkshire are taking the opportunity to explore its future. You can complete a short, simple questionnaire to help guide them on the future of the Yorkshire Venues website by clicking on the link below before 21 August 2019.

Yorkshire Venues survey


Infrastructure support review

A review of infrastructure support needs was undertaken in 2015/16 and further information can be accessed on our Voluntary and community sector infrastructure review page.