Following the Covid-19 pandemic some scheduled meetings listed on the North Yorkshire Partnership website may not be taking place or are being carried out virtually. For further information please contact the named contact for the relevant meetings or email

Learning Disability Partnership Board

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The North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board works to make services for people with learning disabilities better. 

We promote the independence, rights, choice and inclusion of people with a learning disability, people with autism, families and carers across North Yorkshire.




Our members come from all across North Yorkshire. We all want to make life better for people with a learning disability. We have members from North Yorkshire County Council, disability and health services, voluntary groups, advocacy organisations, family carers, and of course, self-advocates with a learning disability.

Everyone can talk and agree on what needs to be done. They can also check that the work they are doing fits in with what everyone else is doing.

About our meetings

We usually meet three times a year in different places in North Yorkshire. Sadly our meetings are cancelled at the moment because of coronavirus.

Our meetings are co-chaired by a self-advocate with a learning disability and a community member. Our current co-chairs are Mark Hamblin, a self-advocate from Scarborough and Katie Peacock from Exclusively Inclusive in Skipton. You can find out about the Co-Chairs of our different groups here.

Our meetings are accessible for everyone. We use easy read information for our agendas, our minutes and our presentations.  You can read our most recent meeting minutes here

We are working on new easy read Terms of Reference. You can read our current Terms of Reference here.

About our work

We are always busy! You can see our easy read work plan here. We have four main themes to our work. Click on the links below to find out more and to see some of our work:

  1. Living a good life
  2. Being healthy
  3. Keeping safe
  4. Making our voice heard

We also do lots of work on making sure information is accessible. Find out more here

You can read our annual report for 2020-2021 here. It tells you about all the work we did between April 2020 and March 2021. You can also listen to the audio version here.

About our other groups

To be able to do all the things in our work plan, we have different groups where people can have a say and get involved. The main groups are:

Local Area Groups

We have four Local Area Groups which bring together local people and services to look at what is happening where they live. Click on the link below where you live to find out more:

North Yorkshire Health Task Group

The North Yorkshire Health Task Group meets three times a year. It brings together people with a learning disability, health professionals and service providers to lead our work on ‘Staying Healthy’. Read more about the Health Task Group here.

North Yorkshire Self-Advocates Forum

The Self-Advocates Forum take place three times a year. It makes sure the voice of people with learning disabilities is part of everything we do. Read more about the forum here.