Keeping safe

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Everyone has a right to be safe and to feel safe. Our work is about making sure people have the right information to be as safe as possible. It is about sharing our experiences to make the world a safer place.


On this page you will find information and resources about:


Keeping Safe guides – all about the easy read books about safety that we co-produced with the Safeguarding Adults Board 

Safe Places scheme – working with the Safer Communities Team to promote the Safe Places scheme and make it more accessible for everyone.


Safety Training for self-advocates – our work to make sure people with a learning disability have good information about being safe 

Safety Training by self-advocates – we want to develop and deliver training about safety for workers

Working with the Safeguarding Adults Board – making sure the voice of people with a learning disability and autism is part of the Board’s work 


Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020.


The Learning Disability Partnership Board is a partner of national Hate Crime Awareness Week in October 2020.  


  • Our Chair Mark Hamblin has written a blog about why the Safe Places scheme is so important
  • Our new Keeping Safe Champion, Sam Suttar has recorded a podcast with Jamie Bannister and Jessica Finch from KeyRing about Hate Crime and how to report it
  • We also want to share this great Easy Read guide to Hate Crime by North Yorkshire Police - Easy Read guide to Hate Crime


Useful resources

Hate crime and safer communities 
Find out about hate crime and how we are working to make our communities safer.

Prevent: know you are safe from radicalisation 
Find out what signs to look for and who to report it to.


The Home Alone Campaign
Information about what to do if something unexpected happens when you are at home alone.


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