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North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership


In the interests of efficiency and economy, the responsible authorities in the county of North Yorkshire have agreed to establish a single Community Safety Partnership (CSP) for North Yorkshire (to be known as the North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership).

The purpose of the CSP is to bring together the responsible authorities, supported by other relevant organisations, to fulfil their statutory responsibilities to work together. The CSP is supported by district based Local Delivery Teams (LDTs).

The CSP will:

  • Contribute to the development of the Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment (JSIA), in partnership with the LDTs.
  • Agree the Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment for North Yorkshire.
  • Develop and agree a three year Community Safety Partnership Plan, updated annually, for reducing crime and disorder in North Yorkshire.
  • Monitor and evaluate activity undertaken to deliver the Plan.
  • Develop links and opportunities for collaborative working between the responsible authorities and other relevant organisations to deliver the most efficient and effective community safety services for the communities of North Yorkshire within available resources.
  • Agree the terms of reference of the LDTs.
  • Receive regular updates from each of the LDTs and provide updates in return.
  • Mitigate risks to community safety services by finding and implementing the most appropriate control measures.
  • Attract funding and resources from appropriate funding streams and/or organisations.
  • Agree the utilisation of funding and other resources attracted by the CSP.
  • Provide advice and feedback to the Police and Crime Commissioner to support the development of the Police and Crime Plan and commissioning strategy.
  • Communicate and consult with the communities of North Yorkshire in partnership with the LDTs, on community safety matters and ensure any feedback received follows an appropriate channel to influence the work of the CSP.
  • Take the lead with regard to Domestic Homicide Reviews, in accordance with national guidance.



North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership, North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership and North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board bring together agencies such as the local authority, police and health services from across North Yorkshire to ensure joined up approaches to safeguarding.  We coordinate and ensure effective safeguarding and promote well-being and welfare of children, young people, adults and families and protect them from harm.


We are working together to ensure people who live, work, or visit North Yorkshire are aware of what ‘safeguarding’ means and have access to information that will help them make informed decisions and stay safe.  The whole community needs to understand what abuse, exploitation, harm and neglect look like, as well as recognising the roles that they can play in keeping people safe and promoting welfare.  Safeguarding is everybody’s business.


A joint Engagement and Communication Strategy has been developed, along with a Calendar of Activity in order to support our work and enhance delivery.  Full details can be found here.



Partnership Information Sharing Form:

Sharing of information is critical to developing a clear picture of local issues and wider community related problems, which can inform Police and Partner actions to reduce threat, risk and harm.  North Yorkshire Police and the wider policing family is intelligence driven and rely heavily on intelligence from our communities, partners and law enforcement agencies which, often without realisation, could provide crucial links where gaps in intelligence might exist.


The Partnership Information Sharing Form gives professionals a safe and direct way to share information with Police.  If the information known to you is non-urgent, not a crime and a child/ adult is not at immediate risk, this is appropricate to be shared as police intelligence using this form.  This form does not replace your usual practice of referring to Children's Services or Adults' Services.  The form can be found here.  For help completing the form, please refer to the One Minute Guide.



For more information on community safety at a county level contact: Lesley Gray 01609 533487