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Channel & Prevent Training Resources

Channel eLearning - The package includes information on how Channel links to the Government's counter terrorism strategy (CONTEST) through the Prevent strategy, guidance on how to identify people who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism and how to refer them into the Channel process.



Home Office Prevent Training:

Prevent Awareness  This module provides an introduction to Prevent and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves.

Prevent Referrals  This module is aimed at staff who may notice signs of vulnerability to radicalisation. It is designed to provide staff with the confidence and ability to raise their concerns when someone might be at risk.

Channel Awareness  This module is aimed at Channel Panel chairs, panel members and partners that may be asked to contribute to a panel meeting. It provides an introduction to Channel, how it operates and how to organise a panel. It also covers information sharing.



Workshop for Raising Awareness on Prevent (WRAP)  WRAP is an hour long DVD-led interactive workshop. It is aimed at frontline staff (such as police, social services, probation, education and health staff) as well as the community. It has been built to raise awareness of Prevent in a non-alarmist way, relating support to wider safeguarding initiatives. For further information please contact Lesley Gray, Principal Safer Communities Officer, North Yorkshire County Council, 01609 533487.

Please note: WRAP is currently not available for face-to-face delivery.



Resources for higher education establishments - Higher education site dedicated to preventing violent extremism and radicalisation. Promoting community cohesion, inter-faith relations and the sharing of good practice.



Collab Group - Forward thinking membership organisation which represent 26 leading UK colleges and College groups.



Guidance resources for schools  



Resources for education (London Grid for Learning)