Domestic Abuse

Strategic Governance for Domestic Abuse is delivered through the North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership.  Domestic Abuse is a strategic priority, working alongside the Safeguarding Adults and Children's Boards to ensure that there is provision to support victims and perpetrators of Domestic Abuse across the county of North Yorkshire.

Operational delivery is co-ordinated through the North Yorkshire Domestic Abuse Local Partnership Board previously known as the Joint Domestic Abuse Co-ordinating Group (DAJCG).  The DA Local Partnership Board will include representation from all key agencies and sectors.  This group will deliver a commitment to victims and survivors to continue to reduce the impact of domestic abuse and the effects on families across the North Yorkshire region.

The DA Local Partnership Board is underpinned by two sub-groups. The Domestic Abuse Commissioning Group oversees the commissioning of domestic abuse services and management of performance relating to those contracts that deliver services for North Yorkshire including the City of York. The Domestic Abuse Tactical Group oversees the multi-agency operations that support delivery of domestic abuse services within the multi agency arrangements, communications strategies and plans and demand across commissioned services and partners

The North Yorkshire and City of York Domestic Abuse Strategy for 2018/22 outlines the priorities and how the North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership and the Safer York Partnership aim to tackle Domestic Abuse across the county and City of York.

North Yorkshire and City of York Domestic Abuse Strategy 2018-2023



How we work together to safeguard and support victims of domestic abuse

Learn how the police and other agencies can safeguard and support people, particularly during COVID-19 lockdown.




For further information please contact Odette Robson, Head of Safer Communities and Joint Chair of the DA JCG