Being healthy

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We think it is important to help people stay as healthy as possible. Our work is about making sure people have the right information to stay healthy and knowing what to do if they don’t feel well. It is also about sharing our experiences with health professionals and making sure services are accessible.  

On this page you will find information and resources about:

Live Well Live Longer – our work to meet all the health goals in the North Yorkshire Live Well Live Longer strategy 

LeDeR – our work with the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review programme 

North Yorkshire Health Task Group – all about the work of the Health Task Group 

NYCC Public Health – our work with the North Yorkshire Public Health team 

Learning about different health issues – work from our Local Area Groups on a range of health topics 


Useful resources

Your health – the learning disability register and annual health checks

If you have a learning disability you can get extra support when visiting the doctor. To do so you need to join the Learning Disability Register - which could also mean you can have a free annual health check. 

The North Yorkshire Health Task Group is working hard to tell everyone about annual health checks, and how important they are for people with a learning disability.  This work is part of our North Yorkshire Live Well Live Longer strategy  action plans.

Here’s a video from the NHS that tells you all about annual health checks:



And here are some really useful guides for self-advocates, family carers and supporters:


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