Learning Disability Week 2021

In 2021, Learning Disability Week took place from 14-20 June. The theme for the week was art and creativity.

Self-advocates and people with a learning disability across North Yorkshire  shared their work and told us what art and creativity means to them. Thank you for showing us your amazing work!

Pottery at Henshaws

One of the Art Makers at Henshaws in Harrogate shared her pottery work and told us why creativity is so important. She says

“Art and creativity means everything to me, it makes me feel happy because I can express myself by being creative, and Henshaws gives me the space and facilities to create works of art to sell to our customers in the shop”.


Knitting, Painting and Upcycling

Self-advocates with KeyRing self-advocacy service have shared different creative work they enjoy.

Amanda shared her knitting and Gary has shared one of his paintings.

Sam has shared his work upcycling a chair at Em People. Em People is workshop and shop that supports adults with additional needs to get creative, create art, up-cycle furniture and work with the community to create art.

Sam says “I started the chair in the morning and I chose the colours and the design I wanted to use. I was happy with the finished chair. Em People will put a price on the chair and put it in the shop to sell afterwards.

“At the end of the day, we clean up everything we have used and tidy up the kitchen. It feels good to be creative because I like doing lots of different things and trying new things and learning new skills.”

Arts and craft group at The Goosecroft Centre in Northallerton

Members of the art and craft group at The Goosecroft Centre in Northallerton shared some of the amazing artwork they produce each week.

They also told us some of the things that are important to them like “Friends and family”, “People helping me to do things and helping me with what I want”, “Learning road safety” and “Getting out more.”

Carry on Talking Podcast

Self-advocates have started a podcast. It is called the Carry on Talking podcast.

Sam co-produces the podcast. He explained why they are making the podcast: ‘Because it is a great way to get our voices heard across North Yorkshire and so that more people learn about the work we do’.

Mark is the self-advocate co-chair of North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board. He added ‘It’s not something I have ever done so I wanted to try something new.’

You can listen to the podcast by following the link here



Self-advocates have made several films over the last year.

Self-advocates made a video about how to stay safe when going back to day services. You can watch the video by following this link.

Self-advocates from KeyRing and Exclusively Inclusive also made an uplifting video about how they felt about everything that happened last year. You can watch the video by following this link.

Self-advocates have also recorded a video with the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board about keeping safe in care and support settings. The video will be shown during Safeguarding Week. You can book a ticket to watch the video by following this link.


Celebrating Self-Advocacy

Self-advocates are celebrating all the amazing the things they have achieved over the past couple of years.

They thought of some different ways to celebrate. They made some podcasts and a video. They also worked with Laura Watson from North Yorkshire County Council who drew a very special poster.

You can watch and listen to their celebrations here.


Golden Panda Street

Golden Panda Street is a start-up enterprise that has been set up by some students who go to SUPPORTING CHOICE for weekly employability sessions.

The project covers marketing, finance, legal aspects and the manufacture of products. It is led by the students and supported by mentors.

The first items off the production line are badges, key rings and mugs.


Mental Health Zine

Interns at SUPPORTING CHOICE produced a “zine” during the third lockdown where they shared ways that they had positively managed their mental health.

A zine is like a magazine. It includes artwork, comic strips and poetry. The interns are going to make more issues of the zine and start an online blog.

Email: admin@supportingchoice.co.uk


Print Choice CIC

Joe is a young designer who is doing a work placement at PRINT CHOICE CIC. These cards are for sale online and Joe is learning a range of employability skills alongside perfecting his range of design skills.

PRINT CHOICE CIC is a social enterprise where young adults can learn employability skills using print and design as a platform for development.

Email: info.printchoice@gmail.com


Happy Futures

Happy Futures Support Specialists have got lots of creative activities planned for Learning Disability Week. They had a clay and sand art activity day to get their creative juices flowing.


They have shared some instructions for different activities so that you can try them too.

Wool People

Clay People

Edible Modelling Clay


Personalised Learning at The Street

Learners got creative outdoors at Personalised Learning at The Street. They painted outside in the garden and used leaves and teasels as paintbrushes.