Money stories-- What would you do?

What would you do? Here are some stories to help you think about money. Once you have read them you can answer the questions.


Computer game machine


Joe gets paid on a Monday and has bills to pay every week. He decides not to pay his bills this week and uses the money to buy a new video game.


Is this right or wrong? Why?




ATM Machine



Sally goes to check her bank account, but there isn’t any money in.

What should she do?




Person's hand holding bank cards and cash


Paul can’t find his bank card and looks everywhere for it.

What should he do?





Person getting their hair cut


Mary likes to have her hair cut at home. Her hairdresser moves away and says she will still cut her hair, but it will cost twice as much money because she has to travel to get there.

What should she do?




Person laughing


After Sam has paid all of his bills, he likes to spend what he has left on things that make him happy.

Is this right or wrong? Why?




Twenty pound note


Every Friday when Laura gets paid, her friend takes her to the bank to take her money out and says she needs to give her £20.

Is this right or wrong? Why?



Electricity bill


Mark gets a letter to say he hasn’t paid his electric bill.

What should he do?





Person holding a handbag


Sarah has seen a handbag that she likes but doesn’t have enough money to pay for it.

What should she do?




You can download and print these stories by clicking here