Budget sheets


This is my budget ______________­­­­­­­­­­___

You can ask someone you trust to help you fill it in.


You can download and print copies of these budget sheets by clicking here

This section is about the money you get paid.


What type of money do I get paid? How much money do I get paid? How often do I get this?









 Total (A)




This section is about what you need to spend your money on.



What do I need to pay? How much will it cost? Can I get any help with this?
Rent £  
Council Tax £  
Water £  
Gas £  
Electric £  
Phone £  
TV licence £  
Food £  
Insurance £  
Travel £  
Leisure £  
Total (B) £  


The maths

You need to take

(B) £______ away from

(A) £_____ and you will be left with £______