Money Game -- Your Money Wants and Needs

You can print a copy of this game out by clicking here



Imagine that you live in your own flat. You and your support worker are doing your budget for the next 2 weeks.





Think about the things that you NEED to spend your money on.


Then think about the things you WANT to spend money on.



Person with thought bubbles above their head

You can cut the words and pictures out and put them into the columns below.

How will you decide which are the most important things?

What can you do if you aren’t sure?

Is there anything else you might need money for?



Cut these out and put them onto the list


Food Food Bills Gas, Electric and Council Tax bills
Computer game machine Games Savings Savings
Person with a laptop New laptop Tenancy Agreement Rent
Two people drinking beer Beer Different forms of transport Travel
A present Presents for others Phone bill Phone bill
Sweets Sweets Person holding two shopping bags Shopping
Chip Shop Takeaways Ten pin bowling Going out
Internet bill Internet Two people eating lunch in a cafe Lunch for you and a friend


I need I want