North Yorkshire Autism Strategy 2024 to 2027

 Have your say on North Yorkshire's Autism Strategy-- the consultation is now open.

The draft All-Age Autism Strategy has been developed by autistic people, their carers and families, alongside representatives from the community and voluntary sectors, North Yorkshire Council, heath services, police, probation, education and employment partners.   

The strategy aims to address key issues in 8 key areas:  


  • Education and preparing for adulthood
  • Employment 
  • Housing 
  • Carers 
  • Assessment, diagnosis and support 
  • Health and care 
  • Adult and youth justice 
  • Inclusive communities 


The consultation launched on 27th November and will close on 15th March 2024.  


We are hoping to hear from as many people as possible across North Yorkshire about the following areas: 


  • Strategy content 
  • Prioritising actions 
  • Measuring success 
  • Design of the strategy 
  • Working together 


The consultation is hosted on the North Yorkshire Council website 


People can view the following documents on the website: 


  • Full strategy document covering the key themes.
  • Easy read strategy document.
  • Full version of the Equality Impact Assessment.
  • Easy read version of the Equality Impact Assessment.  
  • List of the events, including times, dates, locations and instructions on how to book. 
  • Links to the surveys (paper versions will also be available) 
    • Full survey 
    • Easy read survey 
    • Survey for primary aged school children 
    • Survey for secondary aged school children / young adults 


If you require any other information, please email