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Public Health communications

Public Health communications is a fundamental part of public health work, relevant to every aspect of health and well-being, including disease prevention, health promotion and quality of life. Public Health communications ultimately aims to encourage behaviours that lead to longer and healthier lives for the North Yorkshire population.

The North Yorkshire Public Health Communications Group coordinates the delivery of a comprehensive programme of public health communications, which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the North Yorkshire Population by:

  • increasing audience knowledge and awareness
  • influencing behaviours and attitudes
  • demonstrating healthy practices
  • promoting the benefits of healthy behaviour change
  • increasing awareness of and encouraging uptake of public health services
  • raising the profile of public health with our partners and general public


The group consists of a small working group that meet on a monthly basis. Remaining on track with the aid of an action log, the group’s main priority is to develop, approve and oversee the delivery of a comprehensive calendar of public health communication campaigns and activity based around North Yorkshire health and wellbeing priority outcomes. For anyone interested in joining this Communications group, please contact

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